Where are the ticket offices located?

The ticket offices are located by the entrances of the same name: Palagio, Luco, Scarperia and Arrabbiata.

What are the ticket office opening times?

The PALAGIO, LUCO and SCARPERIA ticket offices open at 3pm on Thursday 30/5/19 and re-main open until the end of the event. The ARRABBIATA ticket office is open from 7am to 7pm on Friday 31/5/19, Saturday 1/6/19 and Sunday 2/6/19.

How many times can I leave and then re-enter the circuit with the same ticket?

Ticket holders can leave and re-enter the circuit a maximum of twice for each day of validity of the ticket; if this limit is exceeded, the ticket will automatically be rendered invalid.

Are animals allowed?

Dogs or other domestic pets can be brought into the circuit provided they are appropriately su-pervised, in order to prevent them causing nuisance, disturbance or damage to property and/or people.