Mugello's international circuit, directed by Paolo Poli, pay big attention to safety, also for his 20 pit garages, each 12x12m, where you can find all the space that you need to work comfortably. On the track we use a CCTV system, 27 cameras under constant control, as well as airfece, tyres, wide run off areas, and the irreplaceble work of  safety staff. The marshals are placed all over the track, with the help of fire service they are in the wings.
The medical staff consists in doctors skilled in resuscitation and paramedics ready to operate on the track and in the always working medical centre.
The track is long more than 5000 m through the charming hills of Tuscany, where technology and environment can live together in a perfect balance.
The paddock area is composed of three different areas: central area 26.000mq, medical centre area 7.000mq and the tv compound area 6.500mq.
To book the track please contact  Mrs. Veronica Boni