Are there any special conditions for disabled people?

Persons with a disability percentage of between 34% and 73% percent can purchase a reduced-price ticket to access the circuit; this is only valid for the meadow (prato) area. Any persons accompanying disabled visitors must purchase a full-price ticket. Persons with a disability percentage of more than 74% can enter the meadow area (prato) free of charge and - where the medical certificate specifies the right to continuous assistance - access will also be granted to an accompanying person. In all other cases, the accompanying person must purchase a full-price ticket. In all cases, when entering the circuit, the medical disability certificate must be presented along with an identity document in order to collect the entrance ticket. (N.B.: all persons with the right to a free ticket must nonetheless go to one of the ticket offices to collect the appropriate entry pass).

Is it possible to access the stands free of charge?

During February 2024 specific forms to fill out and submit to request a free seat in some stands will be published on There are a limited number of places; these will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

If I have not received accreditation for the stand, do I still need to send the documentation to the circuit via email?

No, you simply need to show this at any of the ticket offices at the entrance to the circuit to collect your free or reduced-price ticket.

I have sent my request for accreditation but have not received a reply, what should I do?

All requests receive a response, whether positive or negative. Call (+39) 0558499208 for information

Are there specially-equipped areas for disabled people in the meadow area (prato)?

The meadow area (prato) is accessible to all. However, bear in mind that this area is covered in grass, with the typical characteristics of this kind of ground (differences in level, unpaved and uneven surfaces) and the limitations that these features may entail.

Can disabled people enter the circuit with their own vehicle?

Disabled people can only enter the circuit in their own vehicle when in possession of the relevant pass, issued by their local municipality.

Can a disabled person be accompanied?

If the medical certificate specifies that the disabled person needs a carer/helper, the latter may enter the circuit free of charge, collecting his/her special free ticket from one of the ticket offices. If the medical certificate does not specify the right to be accompanied by a carer/helper, the latter must purchase a regular ticket in order to enter the circuit.