Where are the ticket offices located?

The ticket offices are located by each of the following entrances: Palagio, Luco, Scarperia and Arrabbiata.

What are the ticket office opening times?

The PALAGIO, LUCO and SCARPERIA ticket offices open at 3pm on Thursday 30.05.2024 and remain open until the end of the event. The ARRABBIATA ticket office is open from 7am to 6pm on Friday 31.05.2024, Saturday 01.06.2024 and Sunday 02.06.2024.

What time can I access the circuit with my ticket?

  • Daily tickets, valid for FRIDAY only and SATURDAY only: these are valid throughout the day and allow entry from 8am to 6pm on each day of validity. Staying on the circuit overnight is not permitted. Pass/ticket holders for Tribuna 58 also have access to Prato 58 (but not vice versa)
  • 3days tickets, 2days tickets and Sunday tickets (Prato Night & Day, Tribuna Poltronissima, Tribuna Silver Pit Lane, Tribuna Biondetti, Tribuna Bronze, Tribuna Poggiosecco, Tribuna Materassi): the 3days is valid from 3pm on Thursday 30.05.2024; the 2days from 9pm on Friday 31.05.2024, the Saturday ticket from 8am to 6pm on the same day and the Sunday ticket from 9pm of Saturday 01.06.2024. Holders of the above stands tickets also have access to the Prato Night & Day (not vice versa). During night hours (from 7pm to 8am) the stand area is closed and stand ticket holders may use the meadow area (Prato Night & Day).

Does the Prato Night & Day ticket also give me access to the “PRATO 58” area?

It will be possible only starting from 08.00 on Sunday morning, not before. Under no circumstances "PRATO 58"  holders can access to Prato Night & Day area.

What features do the stands have?

All stands are numbered and have a front-on big screen.
The Poltronissima, Silver Pit Lane, Biondetti and Bronze areas are covered.
All the stands also come with guaranteed access to the meadow area  (Prato 58 for Tribuna 58, Prato Night&Day for all other stands)

Which entrances are recommended?

  • Prato 58 and Tribuna 58: solely from the Arrabbiata entrance
  • Prato Night & Day: Palagio entrance, Scarperia entrance, Luco entrance
  • Tribuna Poltronissima, Silver Pit Lane, Biondetti, Bronze: preferably from the Palagio entrance
  • Tribuna Poggiosecco and Materassi: preferably from the Luco entrance
  • Campers: entrance with campers is permitted only from the Luco or Palagio entrances

Once I'm inside the Circuit can I leave and re-enter?

Ticket holders can leave and re-enter the circuit a maximum of twice for each day of validity of the ticket; if this limit is exceeded, the ticket will automatically be rendered invalid.

Are animals allowed?

Dogs or other domestic pets can be brought into the circuit provided they are appropriately supervised, in order to prevent them causing nuisance, disturbance or damage to property and/or people.