What are the requirements for entering the site with a camper/motor home?

In order to enter, all CAMPERS or motor homes must be approved as such, and must be accompanied by a CAMPER ENTRY ticket; caravans, vans, cars or any vehicles other than campers/ motor homes will not be permitted.

Is the camper ticket the same, regardless of whether I want to stay one or two days?

There is only one type of camper ticket, regardless of the type of ticket purchased. The camper/motor home pass will "assume" the same validity as the holder's entry ticket.  Please pay particular attention to what follows:

- purchasers of daily tickets for the “Prato 58” or Tribuna 58” areas may not enter these sectors with a Camper/motor home.

- The camper ticket is  valid only for the vehicle; each person inside must have his/her own ticket, Prato Night & Day or Grandstand.

Where can I buy the camper/motor home entry pass?

At MotoGP Mugello SCARPERIA (FI) 02/06/2024 2:00 PM Tickets - TicketOne and – if still available – at the Luco and Palagio ticket offices from 30.05.2024

Which is the entrance for campers and motor homes?

Campers and motor homes can enter from the Luco or Palagio entrances

Where can I park my camper/motor home?

Please consult the Circuit Map (Mugello Circuit – Mappa Circuito) to understand your options. Campers/motor homes may not be parked along the access roads inside the circuit.

Are there specially-equipped areas for campers/motor homes inside the circuit?

There are water filling/discharge areas (near the bathrooms) but no areas in which campers/motor homes can connect to electricity

What can I bring in my camper/motor home?

A small generator, a can of petrol, a camping stove, assorted camping equipment, kitchen utensils. Glass bottles or other containers made from GLASS are not permitted. N.B.: In case of changes or subsequent communications from the competent bodies regarding prohibitions and/or restrictions, these will be promptly communicated through our standard channels.

Can I camp using a tent without entering with a camper/motor home?

You can bring a camping tent without any additional costs to the ticket. Tents can be put up anywhere within the meadow area (prato)

In addition to campers and motor homes, what other vehicles are permitted inside the circuit?

Bicycles, electric bicycles, kick scooters, segways, roller skates, hoverboards. You can also enter with a motorbike, provided that this is approved and has an engine size of 100 cc or more

What vehicles are NOT allowed inside the circuit?

Vans, caravans, motor vehicles, motorcycles and scooters (with the exception of those specified in the previous point), quad bikes, side-cars, electric cars, electric scooters.

Once the Event is over, can I leave with the motor home immediately?

In order to allow for a smoother flow, it is recommended that campers do not set off before 8 pm on Sunday evening, giving precedence to pedestrians and any smaller ve-hicles on the circuit.