Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online at Ticketone, from Ticketone sales points or via the call centre, on 892101.

During the days of the event, can I buy any remaining tickets from the ticket offices?

Subject to availability, tickets will be on sale at the ticket offices located at the entrances to the circuit, from Thursday 28 May 2020

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash, debit and credit cards. Cheques are NOT accepted.

Are there any discounts for WOMEN?

Women are entitled to a reduction, both in the meadow area (prato) and in the stands, by purchasing the specific "woman concession" ticket.

Who can benefit from reduced-price tickets?

In the meadow area (prato), young people aged from 14 and 18 years (born between 1st January 2002 and 31 December 2006) can benefit from REDUCED-PRICE TICKETS, along with women, members of the armed forces, FMI cardholders and disabled visitors with a disability percentage of 34% to 73%. In the stands, women and young people aged from 14 and 18 years can benefit from REDUCED-PRICE TICKETS.

Who can use a Junior ticket to enter the circuit?

Children under 13 years (born after 1st January 2007) can access the stands with a JUNIOR ticket.

What discounts are available for children and young people?

Young people aged from 14 and 18 years can access the meadow area (prato) and/or the stands with the relevant reduced-price ticket. Children under 13 can access the stands with a junior ticket; access to the meadow area (prato) is free of charge. (N.B.: all persons with the right to a free ticket must nonetheless go to one of the ticket offices to collect the appropriate entry pass).

Are tickets named?

Tickets are NOT named.

I purchased some tickets online and they all have my name on. Will this be a problem for the people I bring with me?

The name appears on the tickets simply as an order reference, when the purchase is made online. This is not an issue for other people using the tickets.

What time can I access the circuit with my ticket?

The 3 day pass is valid from 3pm on Thursday 28.05.20; the 2 day pass is valid from 9pm on Friday 29.5.20 and the Sunday ticket is valid from 9pm on Saturday 30.5.20; day tickets are only available for Friday and Saturday and are valid from 8am to 6pm on the same day.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are NOT refundable. In cases where tickets are lost, misplaced, stolen, dam-aged or destroyed, Mugello Circuit S.p.A. will not replace or reissue the ticket under any circumstances.

Can tickets be changed and/or upgraded in the event of an error?

Tickets cannot be changed, and can only be upgraded in the event of an error. Tickets can be upgraded in order to “transform” a reduced-price ticket into a full-price ticket (not vice versa), a 2 day pass into a 3 day pass, or a Sunday ticket into a 2 day pass.

With a general meadow (prato) ticket can I also access the “PRATO 58” area?

On Friday and Saturday, access to the “PRATO 58” area will not be permitted with a general meadow (prato) ticket (or vice versa). On Sunday, meanwhile, the meadow (prato) ticket also provides access to the “PRATO 58” area.