The collection of food surplus hit the mark again at the last Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix, after its debut in 2017.

In collaboration with Banco Alimentare, more than 2,000 meals

have been collected and donated to local non profit thanks to the big commitment by Mugello Circuit, Teams and hospitalities


The collection of food surplus under the perspective of the fight against food waste was confirmed as one of the strengths of KiSS Mugello Keep It Shiny and Sustainablethe environmental and social sustainability programme of Mugello Circuit that took place at the Italian Motorcyle Grand Prix, sixth round of the 2018 World Motorcycling Championship held at the Tuscan Circuit on June 1-3.

After the excellent results achieved by that initiative also this year (the collection of food surplus made its debut at the Italian GP last year), you can actually say that at Mugello "you can't waste" and not only that "you can't sleep", as fans and spectators coming to the Italian GP usually say with smiles, since they use to celebrate both day and night throughout the race week-end.

Furthermore, a specific information and awareness-raising activity against food waste was carried out by the KiSS Crew at the info desks installed across the circuit.


The collection of food surplus was carried out in collaboration with Banco Alimentare. The "food boxes" used for the collection were provided by Cuki (in aluminum and fully recyclable). Numerous hospitalities joined the initiative (Teams, VIP Village Dorna, FIM, Mobile Clinic, Mugello Circuit Lounge and restaurant, Ducati Tribune), that was made possible thanks to the contribution of Banco Alimentare volunteers and KiSS Mugello staff, who coordinated all the related activities.

The collection and donation of food surplus were carried out on Saturday, June 2nd, and on Sunday, June 3rd, thus doubling the efforts compared to 2017 (when it was carried out only on Saturday).

Saturday's delivery included:

- 353 first course portions, 498 second course portions, 96 side dishes, 24 desserts, totalling 971 meals

- also, 54 sandwiches and snacks, and 84 various food products.

Sunday's delivery included:

- 455 first course portions, 436 second course portions, 133 side dishes, 90 desserts, totalling 1,114 meals

- also, 5 kg of bread, 102 sandwiches and snacks, 45 kg of fruit, 35 various food products.

Overall, 2,085 meals were collected and donated to the guests of Villaggio San Francesco di Scarperia and San Piero (FI), which hosts more than one hundred both self-sufficient and care-dependant people and is run by Franciscans.


In 2018 it was the 6th edition in a row for KiSS Mugello. At its debut in 2013, KiSS Mugello set a precedent as the first programme of its kind in the world. More recently KiSS Mugello has been included in the report "Playing Our Planet. How Sports Win from Being Sustainable" published by UEFA, WWF and GREEN SPORT ALLIANCE, an overview of the world's best practices with regard to environmental and social sustainability initiatives in the sport industry (downloadable from

The collection of food surplus made its debut at KiSS Mugello in 2017, being strongly desired by Mugello Circuit in order to increase the  social impact of the programme, in addition to numerous social and environmental sustainability initiatives already included in the programme (separate waste collection and waste recycling, litter prevention, promotion of sustainable mobility, social initiatives in collaboration with non profits, awareness-raising campaigns on sustainability issues in sporting events).

In 2017 the collection of food surplus was carried out  in a single day, on Saturday, and it was in favor of Villaggio San Francesco di Scarperia and San Piero (FI) and the Caritas of Florence.

In 2018 KiSS Mugello doubled its efforts and the collection was carried out in two of the three days of the race week-end, on Saturday, June 2nd, and on Sunday, June 3rd.


«Kiss Mugello has been confirmed as a successful programme also in the field of food surplus collection and recovery. After the remarkable results achieved in the environmental field where we started making our efforts in 2013, over the last two years Mugello Circuit launched another relevant initiative such as the one regarding the collection of food surplus and the fight against food waste. The results we achieved in 2018, thanks to the great commitment by all the MotoGP players, clearly shows that our choice was right and spurs us to set even more ambitious targets in 2019», says Paolo Poli, Managing Director at Mugello Circuit.

«I participated in the food surplus collection on Sunday in the race week-end at Mugello Circuit. It was a very productive day, with a collection of more than 1,000 portions of food, and also a very exciting day! Consider that in those hours Mugello Circuit is at the center of the universe, Italian GP being one of the most eagerly-awaited sport event; having the chance to be there and enjoy yourself while doing some good, it's the best you can imagine. I would like to thank KiSS Mugello staff for the invaluable work they've done over the years with regard to raising awareness on waste sorting and fighting against food waste», says Stefano Bonsi, volunteer at Banco Alimentare.


«As in 2017 and even more, the collection of food surplus was a moment of great enthusiasm for our staff, volunteers and for all those who have joined the initiative in the hospitalities. Thanks to everyone's committment we achieved remarkable results. But in 2019 we'll be pushing even further!», says Luca Guzzabocca, General Manager of Right Hub, the Italian start-up (B Corp certified) specialized in environmental and social sustainability projects for major sports events, which coordinated KiSS Mugello.


KiSS Mugello was made possibile thanks to cooperation among a broad network of players, with new members coming in each year.

KiSS Mugello is promoted by Mugello Circuit, FMI (Italian Motorcycling Federation) and FIM (International Motorcycling Federation), Dorna (the Spanish company holding the rights for the World Motorcycling Championship) and IRTA (The International Road Racing Teams Association).

Team supporters: Aprilia Racing, Ducati Team, Gresini Racing, LCR Honda Team, Marc VDS Racing Team, Reale Avintia Racing, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, SKY Racing Team VR46, Speed Up Racing, Team Suzuki Ecstar, Tech3 Racing, Yamaha Motor Racing.

Supporting companies: Berner Italia, Initial Italia, Lyreco Italia, Nexive.

Institutional partners: leading Italian National Consortia (non profits) for the recovery and recycling of packaging: CiAl (aluminum), Comieco (paper and cardboard), Corepla (plastic), CoReVe (glass), Ricrea (steel). And FSC Italia, who joined the network this year.

Technical partners: Airbank, Alia Servizi Ambientali, Cooperativa L’Orologio, Cuki, Eco.Energia (Olly®), Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente, Eurven, Spazio Aperto Società Cooperativa Sociale, VAN4YOU Noleggio Furgoni, Virosac, VR|46.


Non profit partners: Banco Alimentare, Impulse Modena Racing.


Patronage: KiSS Mugello is sponsored by: European Commission, Italian Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies, Metropolitan Area of Florence, Mugello Mountain Communities, Municipality of Scarperia e San Piero.

KiSS Mugello is under the management and coordination of Right Hub, an Italian start-up (a Certified B Corporation®) specialized in environmental and social sustainability projects.