Polizia Municipale Unione Mugello measures

Polizia Municipale Unione Mugello, in addition to measures by Città Metropolitana Firenze, ordered the traffic closure of via Buozzi from the crossroads with viale Matteotti (Scarperia city centre) to the roundabout of Arrabbiata. This measures, as well as the one in effect at the Moto GP events, concerns all the vehicles except for the residents’ ones and people with passes or tickets for the event (remind that admission are regulated by number and reserved to people who previously purchased the tickets). Five check-points will be set: at the crossroad between SP129 and SP503 (Borgo Nuovo); at the Mozzete roundabout (San Piero); at the crossroad between SP42 and Tintoria’s Road (Senni); in Luco di Mugello (Borgo San Lorenzo); at Omomorto on SP503. These five check-points will be held by police officers starting from Friday to Sunday to control allowed admission.


Città metropolitana
Scarperia e San Piero