Promo School is back. Saturday, June 20 driving course for riders sponsored by Promo Racing aimed at those who are approaching for the first time at the track took place at Mugello Circuit.
Ride on track with own bike is definitely a unique experience and it is even more if you have the opportunity to do it in a circuit like Mugello, always careful to the safety of motorcyclists. High safetys standards of the track make this experience even more fast and fun. This is why Mugello circuit is a partner with Promo Racing in "Promo School" project. 
During the Promo School classes motorcyclists learn from a team of qualified instructors behaviors required to ride on track without danger to themselves and others. After the theoretical part it's time for warming up the engines and going down finally on track! 
"Comparing the track and the road, the track wins 10 - 0. Mugello Circuit is the top!" That's one of the statements of those who took part in the course of June 20 .
Mugello Circuit has convinced everyone: "Mugello is a unique experience. A real enjoyment instead of the road. I never thought that the bike allow me to do this things, the asphalt has a perfect adhesion and ride on curves like Bucine at high speed is amazing. Feelings like this on the road are impossible." 
This experience allow partecipants to familiarize with the track in top-security: in addition to the excitement to race on a circuit like this, many of the them have focused on security: "The track is completely different from the road, you enjoy much more and especially you do this in security, because when you are on track the only thing that you have to think is have fun."
One of the main concept that instructors of Promo School want to teach their students is enjoying in security, and it seems that they are succeeding: "With Promo School we have the track with free trajectories. It's unbelievable!"
Next date Sunday, July 19!